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Sunday Club Coffee

Sunday Roast

Sunday Roast

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blackcurrant | caramel | chocolate | peach

Do you sometimes find yourself in the precarious predicament where pleasant and powerful coffee seems like the only chance of peaceful reprieve in an otherwise chaotic world and household?

Great news. This coffee was crafted for those exact situations!

It'll cut through the milk and give you a decently strong cup, so you can cut through the chaos and get on with whatever you're getting on with. 

It'll give you something akin to superpowers (adenasine blockage, cortisol and adrenaline stimulation, relative brain hypoperfusion, etc.), and probably bigger biceps if you do weightlifting and gym stuff too! How good


Our smaller bags used for 250g and 500g sizes are fully kerbside recyclable in regular yellow household bins - some of the first in Australia with this approval.

The 1kg bags we use are not. This is due to the one way valve and rippa zippa incorporated into the bag to extend shelf life. 

If you have any special requests regarding this please mention this at checkout and we'll do our best to make it happen!

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