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Sunday Club Coffee

Sunday Club Tee

Sunday Club Tee

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These are the standard crew shirts we wear everyday, roasting and brewing the good oil. The plan initially was to get new ones designed every year or so, but four years later for us and they haven't budged. 

Our printing guys seem disgruntled with the lack of ongoing orders, even though I have expressed at length that they are victims or their own success, and entirely to blame for this predicament. 

However, a win-win-win now presents itself.

- the general public with the opportunity to buy shirts that last

- printing team get to print more stuff

- we get justification for the massive game we talked up before our original order

Nick is 180cm, 80kg, EXTREMELY athletic build. Wears Large. 

Celine is 160cm, medium build. Wears Small.


Printed on heavyweight AS colour mens tees by Project Print Co. in Perth.

Cast not included.

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